Coolest Tamil Movies For This Freezing Winter 2022

Are you planning to spend your winter days in your cozy comforter with a cup of hot cocoa and binge-watching movies with your favorite movies? Then in such a case, you must definitely watch the latest and the best Tamil movies 2022. This will make sure that you are entertained this winter season.

Steam all the latest and trending movies on the popular OTT platform aha. A few of the best movies that you can watch on the platform with your loved one are Kooglekuttappa and writer. Make sure that you do not miss out on the best Tamil and Telugu movies of the season.


Plot of kooglekuttappa

The movie Kooglekuttappa is about a conservative villager who hates the thought of his son relocating his residence due to a Russian job. However, further into the story, as his son brings in a robot for him to take care of him, the father develops a very special bond with the machine.

The characters have done an excellent task in the movie. The emotion of the father and the son have also been played greatly in the movie. If you are willing and enthusiastic to watch this movie, then worry no further and watch this movie on the aha platform. Watch this movie today with your friends and family.


Plot of writer

The movie writer presents the illegal custody of an innocent PhD student. A constable is now required to take the tough decision of what must happen next. Watch the movie to know that is the important decision that is taken by the constable.

You can find this brilliant movie exclusively on the trending OTT platform aha. Watch this movie with your friends and family on a perfect Sunday afternoon. 

The movie has been greatly enjoyed by the viewers who have enjoyed the interesting plot of the movie. The story of the movie is also quite new, and along with that, it has quite an interesting plot.

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